A aparut osCommerce versiunea 2.3, va rugam faceti update

oscommerceA fost lansata versiunea 2.3 a lui osCommerce, cunoscuta platforma pentru magazine online. Toti clientii care folosesc osCommerce sunt rugati sa isi actualizeze magazinul online pentru ca versiunea 2.3 contine numeroase imbunatatiri atat functionale cat si de securitate.

osCommerce versiunea 2.3 poate fi descarcat gratuit de la adresa http://www.oscommerce.com/solutions/downloads sau http://www.oscommerce.com/redirect.php/go,48

Una dintre cele mai mari vulnerabilitati ale versiunilor mai vechi era un instrument din interfata de administrare numit File Manager ce permitea uploadul de fisiere pe server, chiar si utilizatorilor neautentificati, practic oricine dorea sa incarce un fisier in contul de hosting al magazinului o putea face. De aici si pana la compromiterea contului de hosting nu era decat un mic pas.

Va rugam faceti upgrade urgent daca folositi un magazin online ce ruleaza pe platforma OsCommerce.

Mai jos aveti atasat changelog-ul pentru versiunea 2.3 de osCommerce, modificarile de securitate importante sunt scrise ingrosat cu rosu.

11/13/2010 osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

* Payment module updates:
– 2Checkout
– PayPal Website Payments Pro – Direct Payments
– PayPal Website Payments Pro (Payflow Edition) – Direct Payments
– PayPal Website Payments Pro – Express Checkout
– PayPal Website Payments Pro (Payflow Edition) – Express Checkout
– Sage Pay Form, Server, and Direct
– iPayment
– RBS WorldPay Hosted
– Moneybookers
– InPay
– PayPoint.net SECPay

* Shipping module updates:

* Allow new template group modules to be created to inject HTML content into
the page layout.

* Update boxes to modules which can be installed, configured, and sorted.

* Show only installed modules on the Administration Tool Modules page, and
link to a listing showing new and available modules.

* Moderate product reviews.

* Load either includes/local/configure.php or includes/configure.php, not

* Modularize Administration Tool Modules page.

* Allow multiple large product images and HTML content (eg, Flash video) for

* Replace usage of SpiffyCal with jQuery UI DatePicker widgets.

* Update layout to XHTML Transitional.

* Integrate 960 Grid System CSS Framework into the layout.

* Update buttons with jQuery UI Buttons.

* Add jQuery, jQuery UI, Flot, bxGallery, Fancybox javascript libraries.

* Introduce Administration Tool Dashboard modules.

* Migrate customer and administrator passwords to phpass.

* Introduce Social Bookmark modules for products.
– Facebook and Facebook Like
– Twitter and Twitter Button
– Google Buzz
– Digg

* Introduce Store Logo for the Administration Tool.

* Allow anonymous server statics to be sent from the Administration Tool
Server Information page.

* Add a is_writable() compatibility function for Windows.

* Introduce Header Tags modules.
– Google Analytics and E-Commerce Tracking
– MailChimp E-Commerce 360
– OpenSearch

* Move HTML layout to template_top.php/template_bottom.php files.

* Add new tep_get_version() function to retrieve the installed version.

* Introduce Version Checker for the Administration Tool.

* Set session.use_only_cookies to match SESSION_FORCE_COOKIE_USE.

* Show list of pre-defined currencies when adding new currencies.

* Example Credit Card payment module removed.

* German and Spanish language definitions removed from the core. (To be
maintained as add-ons)

* Remove File Manager from the Administration Tool.

* Don’t show languages or currencies box if only one language or currency is

* Add API tag to modules.

* Introduce Security Check modules for the Administration Tool.

* Introduce Security Directory Permissions feature for the Administration

* PHP v3 compatibility code removed.

* Recreate session IDs by default when customers login or create an account.

* Introduce Action Recorder to log and limit actions.

* Strengthen Administration Tool login routine.

* Replace ereg functions with preg functions for PHP v5.3.

* Fix timezone warning messages on PHP v5.3 servers.

* Protect forms with a token ID that is assigned to the customers session.

* Generate a new $cartID value when restoring shopping cart contents.

* Calculate shipping fees only for shippable products and not virtual/download

* Parse Date of Birth values.

* Escape the filename and parameters in tep_href_link().

* Escape shell arguments in the checkdnsrr() compatibility function.

* Apply magic_quotes to GET parameters when Search Engine Friendly URLs is

* Support automatic HTTP Authentication logins for the Administration Tool.